More news on the eviction front has come about this week as judicial leaders in California have halted evictions in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

What this means is that not just eviction cases related to the inability to pay rent, but all evictions have been suspended. Under the Judicial Council’s ruling, landlords are still able to deliver eviction notices, but the tenants will not need to respond within the typical five days, according to CBS Sacramento.

Following the re-opening of the courts, evictions will be active again and the amount due on rent would still be owed. This ruling will remain active for as long as 90 days following the removal of California’s emergency declaration.

This comes on the heels of Governor Gavin Newsom’s recent statewide temporary ban on evictions for tenants who have struggled financially as a result of the pandemic. That order applies to those who have become sick with the virus, are now unemployed because of it or are caring for a sick relative.

The Judicial Council’s decision expands on this by encompassing all evictions.

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