Under a new law (SB 329), property owners are not allowed to refuse renting out to Section 8 tenants. Under the law, this would be considered discrimination based on source of income. Instead, such tenants would be allowed to go under the same vetting process as anyone else who does not utilize Section 8 federal housing vouchers.

What this means is that property owners can refuse to rent to them as long as the decision to do so is based on some other type of lawful grounds that aren’t tied specifically to the Section 8 subsidy. Additionally, property owners can’t completely decline participating in such a subsidy when the tenant in question is otherwise qualified.

This is a good time for a refresher on the protections tenants have under the Fair Housing Act. Under this law, property owners can’t discriminate based on race, disability, color, familial status, religion, sex or national origin.

The Fair Housing Act applies when people are obtaining a mortgage, buying or renting a house, looking for housing assistance or other real estate-related activities.

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